About Us

Agency Mission Statement

It is the mission of Bridges to a New Day, NFP to provide prevention, intervention and educational services which foster non-violence in the lives of children and adults.

About Bridges to a New Day

  • Vision
    Bridges to a New Day, NFP recognizes that every person encounters obstacles on their life journey. The vision of Bridges is to empower children and adults to prevail over the trauma that has impacted their lives. We envision that all services are provided in a manner that promotes healing and respect for the individual. These services will improve the lives of our clients and the quality of life in the communities we serve.
  • Values
    Bridges to a New Day, NFP believes . . .

    • Each child or adult is uniquely capable of interpreting their own experience.
    • Each child or adult has the courage to address the impact that trauma has had on their life.
    • Each child or adult possesses the resiliency to reach their full potential.
    • Respectful communication that is understandable and culturally-appropriate.
    • Each child or adult will benefit from services that promote personal growth.
    • Advocacy for the needs of children or adults.
    • Power of education to promote non-violence.
  •  Goals
    • The agency will provide counseling, advocacy and prevention services to children and adults.
    • Reduction of violence in communities.
    • The agency will utilize a clinical approach that cultivates resiliency and empowerment in children and adults by helping to develop self-help skills and tools that allow them to reach their full potential.
  • Population Served
    Children, adults and the significant people in their lives who are affected or may be affected by violence

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