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Here is an actual letter from one of the people that your donation is helping

“I walked into Bridges to a New Day a lonely, hateful and extremely depressed individual. I have had a life full of verbal abuse and domestic violence. 22 years of being told I was worthless mistake, fat and ugly by my own family. I hated very day of my life and live in what I felt was a never ending daze. It had been years since I had smiled or laughed. Now I smile, I laugh. I get up and feel good about myself. I hug and kiss my kids and tell them how awesome they are everyday. I learned to handle myself better with the problems that arise and make wiser decisions. I am forever indebted to The Bridges staff for all of the help I have received. No one in my life has ever helped me in such a way. My counselor has encourage me to change my life and helped me build a bridge to a new day.”